From that young age I grew interested in the experiences and choices I made based on design. I began to understand: 

Great design is not just aesthetics, research-based strategy nor smart user experience. Truly great design is when each area informs the the other to create ease and intuitive interactions; where artistic talent meets creative thinking, where form meets function, and where the mind meets emotion. I work to bridge the gap between those places while creating meaningful work. 

I love to learn, especially from people
My late pup is still my reason to be and do better
Matcha lattes with homemade nut milk fuel me
I'm a coffee snob because I don't love coffee...just really good coffee
Meditate, Run, Train, repeat. I love fitness and athletics. 
Just like my dog: walks, car rides & sun spots are life 
4am-5am is my magic hour
Cooking brightens my day
Music feeds my soul


When I was 3 years old I picked out my own shampoo by the "prettiest bottle". I believed appealing packaging made food taste better & things work better.

Design matters. Design Influences. Design is an experience.

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