ROLE: ux/ui/visual designer

SCOPE: The KDO App is designed to support participants of the various personal and professional self development and growth programs developed and led by Katie Den Ouden. This project called upon the breadth of the UX design process: inspiration, conceptualization, iteration and exposition. Already having a strong sense of the target user persona going into the project, the main areas of focus were on competitive analysis, user flows and iteration informed by user testing. Working 1:1 with Katie to manage expectations and infuse her style and tone into the project with accuracy, in conjunction with the design process was crucial to the success of our design both from a business and execution standpoint. 

* Develop an app that allows our busy user to have effortless access to audio clips of exercises/tools that help develop, shift, and expand emotional patterns and mindsets the instant the user needs them most
* Create an app the allows one to completely customize tracking for: Dropping Anchors, Building Habits, Sunday Setup, and more. (All terminology associated with KDO programs) 
* Inform the UI based on the KDO brand, but create a new image that embodies the various 'feel and look' of each of the branded programs


KDO // katie Den Ouden