Understanding how to strategically curate the experience of Laura's site for the target user was an essential first step. Through doing a deep dive into industry research and interviewing the client's target user, there were needs, preferences, and repeated pain point themes that distilled down to into our two personas: Hailee and Talya. 

Though these user personas elements to inform the most intuitive user flow, pertinent content, and overall design were extracted, as demonstrated below. Examples of key decisions made from our user insight were:

* Intuitive and familiar layout Our personas show that Instagram is by far the most used app and preferred social media platform of choice. While a single page website design can be overwhelming for sites needing heavier content, such as this one, we chose to mimic a similar style as a homepage to land our user and guide them with the familiar scroll action and picture-content-picture-content layout Instagram users have come to know. This creates a feeling of familiarity without being overdone.
* Curated Content Users want to feel a certain level of relatability and empathy toward their needs. The white space on the home page give moments of pause to get the user related to Laura's mission and the value of incorporating healing work.

Meet Hailee and Talya


ROLE: ux researcher/ux/ui designer/content creator 

SCOPE: Laura Mayhew is intuitive healer and yoga instructor who had predominantly been using social channels to promote the additional services she's been expanding into. This project was to build a website to serve her current and potential clients through clear, comprehensive and organized information while visually speaking to her brand and the aesthetic of the industry.

* Intuitive website informed by competitor analyses and research based persona development
* Content and asset creation: copy and photography

website design 

Laura Mayhew Healing